Freddy’s Landscape re-design | The process

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Freddy’s Landscape re-design | The process

STAMFORD, Connecticut, May 23, 2016


This time we’ve skipped this step. Freddy’s Landscape had a website and a new brand Logo that was our start point of this project.


The wireframes are created early in the development process to establish the basic structure of the website before visual design and content is added.

Freddy's Landscape Co - Web Process Round 1

2.1.- On Round 1, our wireframe consist in a block diagram (site-map) plus a basic draft or mockup of the home page.

Freddy's Landscape Co - Web Process Round 2

2.2.- On Round 2, After the client approved the outline of the site-map, we defined the styles, fonts and functionality specs.

With the plan in place using the site-map and the style/design specs, we can now design the layouts that provide a visual preview to the client about what will be the website of their dreams.

By putting hands on the code, the static layouts began to come alive through the internet.
Content and beautiful landscape photos were added until get the final results … wonderful!

5.Testing & Launch
During this final phase of the project we spent some time testing the site, integrating the SEO in-site the code, integrating the Security software, and customizing the basic law compliance documentation.

After that is the time to show off the new awesome website to the word… at

Stay Tuned for more!
Eva – TheEvaSite TEAM