Freddy's Landscape Co.

Freddy's Landscape Company - New Website
Freddy’s Landscape Co. – Fairfield, CT

Re-Design existing website.

– Brand new WordPress site
– Web Care maintenance service

Industry or Business Type: Landscape Design and Development.

Technology/Tools: WordPress, Photoshop.


The Process

The wireframes are created early in the development process to establish the basic structure of the website before visual design and content is added.

Freddy’s Landscape Co - Wireframes

On Round 1, our wireframe consist in a block diagram plus a basic draft or mock-up of the home page.

Freddy’s Landscape Co - Wireframes

After the client approved the outline of the structure, we created the layouts needed. Then we’ve provided a “Project Specs Report” with Styles, Fonts and Functionality specs.

Freddy's Landscape Co. - Layouts

More Work

At TES, every project is a piece of art.