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A good Online presence is not only about Design and Development. It is also about performance, search results, data security, and regulation compliance.

Your Website and Complying With the Law

Probably you are not aware that as a website owner, you are required to comply with laws about privacy policies, disclosures and other requirements regarding websites and blogs.
In fact, over 90 percent of website and blog owners are violating state, federal, or global privacy laws.

These documents should be professionally written, clear, and you should update them as the law changes.

Depending on the type of business and website/blog you have, you should consider the following policies or disclaimers:

  • Website Privacy Policy
  • Website Terms and Conditions
  • Website and Blog Disclaimer
  • Fitness and Exercise Disclaimer
  • Medical and Health Disclaimer
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • Website Copyright Notice
  • Video Disclaimer
  • Online Behavioral Advertising Disclosure
  • Opinion Disclaimer
  • Disclosure of Material Connection

What we offer

At TheEvaSite, we can help our clients to comply with website legal requirements by providing the documentation they may need.

For that purpose, we are partnering with Orion Systems in order to:

  • Determine which documents are mandatory and that help protect our clients.
  • Supplying the latest versions of these attorney-drafted documents.
  • Keeping our clients up-to-date.

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