WordPress or Squarespace or What?

May 5, 2020


WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, but there are lots of other popular website builders. Squarespace is a top choice for those wanting to easily build, design, and manage a site with little experience.

Both are valid but the decision should depend on what you – the business owner – need/expect as well as  the resources you have to build, maintain and ability to expand the website as your business does.

In the article “Squarespace vs. WordPress: Which one is better for your website?” there is a very good explanation and comparison of both platforms.


What Would We Recommend?

Before asking anyone, make your own research to get a criteria of what you need.

1. Define your criteria based on:

  • Type of Business (Services, eCommerce, others)
  • Budget
  • What are you expecting from the website platform?
    – I want to do it myself. Easy to maintain.
    – I need help to design it but want to be able to make edits myself and/or blogging.
    – I have no time/knowledge to design or maintain.
  • What are your immediate goals?
    – Get visibility online
    – Increase traffic on my website
    – Increase sells from my website

These are the factors that will frame your decision for sure.

2. Browse for articles about Squarespace and WordPress to get a solid understanding of which one fits better with the ‘criteria’ defined above.

3. Request a consultation or a quick evaluation to more than one provider that is expert on the platform you choose.


My Conclusion – Beyond Squarespace Or WordPress

Along the more than 10 years designing websites, the technology and customer demands have been – and will be – in constant evolution. We cannot predict how long Squarespace, WordPress or any other platform will be on the market. So I would say that there is no right or wrong decision.

What is really important – at least to me – is that YOU, as a business owner define the best criteria possible before investing time and money on a website:

  • understand what your website really means to your customers and in consequence how this affects your business
  • research/learn about web platforms available in the market
  • If you need help, request a consultation or evaluation to more than one provider. This is like looking for a reliable mechanic to do repairs on your car. So be patience and trust in your instinct.

If you have additional questions about it send us your questions at info@theevasite.com

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