What is GEO- Targeted Content?

Apr 14, 2016Marketing Strategy, SEO, Social Media, Wordpress

What is GEO- Targeted Content?

STAMFORD, Connecticut, April 14, 2016 – ┬áby Paola Rotondi.

Geo-Targeting helps you take it one step closer. It means that you will be creating your ad or promotion depending on the location of your customer.
Does Jill-Doe live in Florida? Well then she will be getting your ads to show off those fancy open toe shoes. Or does Jill-Doe live in NYC? In that case, you may want to draft your ad to show off that last line of closed toe shoes.

Location matters. Are you a small business that only does business in Connecticut? Well then you can target your ads to run only in specific zip codes. You may want Stamford only clients, not Fairfield.

What matters is that you are aware of who your ideal customers are, where they live and where they like to socialize. Digital marketing allows us to narrow it down to just a street if necessary. Knowing this crucial, because you want your marketing dollars to be as effective as possible.

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